An ecosystem of security-related services backed up by a resilient and reliable infrastructure.

Our expertise in the areas of Infrastructure & Networking Management, Video Surveillance and related services.

Among the services we offer are:

Our expert services are divided into:

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Early Warning

This service provides an early warning of a possible vulnerability in the system before it is detected by Vulnerability Assessment (VA).

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Application Training

This covers the three areas of IT, namely:


  • Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI), which is evidence-based knowledge;
  • Tactical CTI, entailing the use of technical information and IOC to identify the threat.
  • Operational CTI, seeking to describe the motivations and capabilities of attackers
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Monitoring and Anomaly Detection

This service detects events with behavior that deviates from the “norm”, using specific computational algorithms to highlight significant and appreciable deviations from the norm.

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Monitoring & Incident Management: this service monitors and analyses logs collected from various company sources. S3K analysts will alert the Client in the event of situations deemed to be suspicious for security. The system also collects alarm reports and automatically processes alerts for business managers.

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Incident Handling

This service addresses Cyber Security incidents in the ICT environment with potential impacts requiring specialist analysis skills.

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Digital Forensic

Technical and Legal support in the Cyber Security field for the analysis and forensic management of Security events.

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End Point Security & Priviledge Management

Management of security of enterprise endpoint/server equipment. The Privilege Management service is geared towards managing external access of privileged accounts to business-critical servers/systems.

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Network Operation Center (NOC)

This includes Monitoring, Management, Troubleshooting and Reporting of all events in the part of the client network covered by the service.

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Security checks carried out periodically on the Client’s infrastructure by means of an “appliance” provided by S3K and connected to the LAN. Our virtual Team of ethical hackers undertakes black or white box security audits according to the agreements and NDAs signed with the client.

Our Network Operation Center, Security Operation Center, Infrastructure Operation Center, Application Center and Engineering services are provided on a 24/7 basis.

The S3K Total Security Center:

infographic representing a user who contacts our omnichannel contact center who forwards requests to our services of: Network Operation Center, Security Operation Center, Infrastructure Operation Center, Application Center, Engineering