Excellence in the service of application lifecycles

The S3K Team dedicated to Application Management operates in several areas of application development, including back-end, front-end, API, mobile app, IoT, Cloud Native Applications. Our expertise extends well beyond development: we offer a guarantee of efficiency and professionalism in areas such as: Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Modeling & Simulation, Analytics.


We offer complete functional coverage regarding application lifecycles, from the idea definition phase, involving the Client in design thinking sessions, to the analysis of the domain, definition of the “use case”, flows and processes with the use of advanced modeling languages. Great attention is paid to communication and coordination with stakeholders and sponsors of the project.

Among the services we offer are:

Our expert services are divided into:

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Enterprise content management:

Customization of content management products to suit a Client’s specific needs.

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Enterprise Application Development

  • Mobile Application development: Development of mobile device applications, designed to offer a User Experience suitable for use with such devices.


  • Enterprise application development: Implementation of applications useful for automating business processes.
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Application Management Services

  • Corrective Application Maintenance (MAC) of pre-existing Software: organized management of anomalies and malfunctions of an application, gathering of reports, analysis and resolution of anomalies.


  • Evolutionary Application Maintenance (EAM): updating of business applications, introduction of new features or enhancement of existing features.


  • Adaptive Application Maintenance (MAD): Updating company applications to adapt to technological or legislative evolution.
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Business Process Automation

Practical consulting to identify specific products for process automation or adaptation of behavior of an existing software, or development of an ad hoc software, depending on single needs.

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Re-engineering of applications

  • Updating and/or restructuring of code to reflect business process changes.
  • Re-engineering of applications to adapt to architectures in line with the latest standards.

We help our customers with requirements analysis, functional analysis, architectural design, executive design, implementation and maintenance. For Clients making specific requests, we also follow the conception of applications through Design Thinking sessions.

S3K Team:

Application Management: infographic representing our team Application Management: infographic representing our team