Virtual models and simulations to support preventive training, planning and activity analysis processes.

The S3K Team specializes in Modelling & Simulation, using modelling to create virtual models that reproduce the physical representation of a system, entity or phenomenon in order to create simulations for preventive training, planning and activity analysis processes.

Among the services we offer are:

Our expert services are divided into:

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Consultancy on the use of M&S systems in the NATO environment

Thanks to extensive experience in the management of virtual exercises, we can provide advice on the use of simulation systems, especially their use in the three main phases of an exercise:


  • Preparation
  • Conduct
  • After Action Review
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Creation of data representation platforms for the depiction of virtual scenarios:

IIn this particular field we create platforms to help with the monitoring of objects/systems distributed over the territory for preventive training processes and analysis of personnel called upon to take decisions in real situations of interest and/or mitigate the impact of crisis situations.


With our M&S capabilities we can cover every project area through:


  • the creation of data representation platforms and widgets specially developed for the Customer’s needs - interfacing between M&S platforms and external systems
  • the creation of virtual scenarios using integrated M&S systems
  • the development of web applications to raise knowledge and awareness of the situation depicted in the virtual scenario.
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The creation of virtual models to represent the properties of interest regarding real objects being analyzed:

The correct representation and analysis of a situation of interest using a virtual scenario is a consequence of correctly building ad hoc models. To this end, we use integrated M&S systems, employ specialists to analyze the behavior of corresponding real-world models and develop software.


We can also cover the main phases of a model’s lifecycle, from testing to validation, before it can be used, through simulation, in the most complex virtual scenarios.

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Realization of virtual scenarios in Dual Use settings

The S3K Team is highly qualified and skilled in the use of simulation systems used by NATO and development of dashboards made with libraries that are both open source and the property of leading GIS management companies. Their use has enabled us to develop a significant number of customized virtual scenarios, used in national and international exercises.

Using integrated M&S systems, we generate virtual scenarios in which it is possible to develop what-if analyses and simulate similar situations an unlimited number of times, subjecting them to different conditions.

Realisation of virtual scenarios in mainly military and civilian settings:

 Modelling and Simulation: infographic representing the current and potential companies for which we can create virtual scenarios